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Ebike Bike & Electric Scooter Repairs Sydney

Need a Professional Service- Come See Us


Flat Tyre

Repair or replacement with a brand new tube or tyre.


Faulty Brakes

We can tighten your brakes; Replace brake pads and New brake cables


E-Bike Service

From basic tune up to full tune up please come in and see us we have you covered


Battery or other Electrical fault

Our mechanics can resolve your electrical issues whilst you wait.


Electric Scooter Repairs

Tyre change 

$40  Labour

$10 – $20  Tubes

$30- $60 Tyre

General Check


– Scooter clean

-Tyres inflated to correct pressure

-Brakes checked

-Battery check

Adhoc Repair

$20 per 15min

Diagnosing Fault

$40 (fee waived if customer proceeds with job)

Electric Bike Repairs

Tyre change 

Labour  $20

Tubes $10 – $20

Tyre  $30- $60 

Brake service and pad replacement 

$30 Front

$30 Back

General Check


Electrics and cabling check.

– Frame & fork inspected for alignment & damage.

– Wheel rims checked for trueness & condition.

– Tyres inflated to correct pressure

– Gears Indexed

– Brakes checked

Adhoc Repair

$20 per 15min

Diagnosing Electrical Fault

$40 (fee waived if customer proceeds with job

Battery Repair

$120 – $200


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