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Segway Ninebot Max Review

In this Segway Ninebot Max review (2021 update), we performance test one of the most popular scooters on the planet. How does it stack up against the Xiaomi Mi M365? Or against the Max G30LP? Spoiler alert: It’s got more range, more standing room, and a…

Kaabo Wolf King Review

The Kaabo Wolf King is the king in every category that matters, except portability. It is the most complete, replace-your-car kind of electric scooter that you will find in the entire world. Although not for everyone, the King is an ESG favorite for its…


This Zero 8 review dives deep into the entry-level little brother to the Zero 9, one of the most popular Zero electric scooters. The Zero 8 is a direct competitor with both the Apollo Light and Fluid Freeride Horizon — differently configured scooters made by Unicool. Tech Specs Tested…

ZERO 8X Review

We reviewed the Zero 8X: the shorter, svelter version of the Zero 10X that still packs dynamite power and a best-in-class suspension. Tech Specs Tested top speed: 49.9 kmh*Tested range: 34.3 km*Weight: 32 kgMax rider weight: 120 kgWater resistance: None * Based on our performance tests which…

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