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Frequently asked questions

The Ubereats app will have a breakdown of the best times to work in different areas/suburbs. It is worthwhile to travel to these areas if where you are working becomes conjested with too many riders.

Areas like Hornsby or lower North Shore are great areas to explore greater income opportunities. If you in the city just catch a short train ride and get away from the competition of other delivery riders.

At this point no, you will need to come and pick the bike up. This is however an area of our business we will be looking to expand in.

A full charge has a guide to take you up to 90km with moderate assistance however when you factor in, hills and if you are depending on assistance more than pedalling this will affect the range

No, the battery is only charged when connected to your electrical cable.

Each rental is comes with a complimentary helmet,mobile phone holder, lock,roadside assist and general maintenace

Any general wear and tear not caused by lack or care eg a flat tyre or tightening of brakes

Take out the battery and charge it into a power point

65 PSI. Check every 10 or so days.

Locked up to solid object/post or even Inside your house locked up. E-bikes have become a very sort after item and they are very expensive to replace

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