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Standard equipment: Fingerprint – Steering Damper – Fast charger. Please note that for this model, the battery is not removable contrary to the Dualtron Storm.

What is new on the Dualtron Storm Limited?

Incredible Power

The new Dualtron Storm Limited is a total beast and by far the most powerful electric scooter on the market. The motors have a peak power of 11500W for a max speed of approximatively 115 km/h with insane accelerations.

Hugh Battery

The battery of the beast is an LG 21700 cells 84V45Ah power station. Be ready for the longest rides ever with ranges up to 200 km. Please note that battery cells are in a worldwide shortage right now, we will do our best efforts to keep a steady production at all times for our dear riders.

Safety matters

The new Dualtron Storm Limited has as a standard equipment Minimotors anti-theft system, a fingerprint system. No need to pay an extra anymore for the safery and security of your electric scooter.

fingerprint Storm Limited
Safety matters a LOT

To provide our riders with the safest and smoothest driving experience, the new Dualtron Storm limited will be equiped as a standard with a steering damper. This element protects the rider from rollover accidents at high speeds.

Damper Storm
Massive Tires

For the Dualtron Storm Limited, we chose massive 12 inches ultra wide RCS tires. The new tires have a “NO FLAT TIRE” technology, thus you no longer need to worry about punctures during your smooth rides.

Powerful charging ports

The new Storm is equipped with even more reliable and faster charging ports (2 ports), the GX20-3P, that allow a 10A current charging for each charing port. By exploiting both ports, the scooter can be charged with a max of 20A.

Reliable controller

All our new productions of Storm have heat dissipation components for the controller. Do not worry anymore about long and intensive rides, the Storm has your back.

Ultimate Improved Model of 2021

Dualtron Storm Limited

Fingerprint, Light mount, Safety Damper, and 95.4V 4A Fast Charger are standard.


Double click the throttle to gain the increased 60A output current and enjoy the extra ordinary overtaking riding experience on 11500W motors!

motor icon

Max 11500W

Speed icon

74.6 mph

battery icon

84V 3780Wh

tire icon


mileage icon

~ 136.7 miles

gradability icon


max load icon

265 lbs

product weight icon

111.3 lbs

Dualtron Storm Limited Fingerprint

The fingerprint sensor is installed on Dualtron Storm Limited as default for burglarproof function.

Dualtron Storm Limited Damper

To bring users a safe and smooth riding experience, Dualtron Storm Limited also has a damper installed as default to avoid rollover accidents caused by high speed.

Dualtron Storm Limited Deck

The deck of Dualtron Storm Limited has a unique design of its own which is quite different from the original .

Dualtron Storm Limited Charging port

New charging port more reliable 10A current for each charging port, mix 20A.

Dualtron Storm Limited Controller

The best heat sink solution. The flat controller bottom 100% in contact with the heat sink, allowing the heat to quickly dissipate.

Dualtron Storm Limited Tire

New charging port more reliable 10A current for each charging port, mix 20A.12 inch RSC tire New developed “NO FLAT TIRE”. No longer worry about puncture during riding.

Motor(s) 11500 W Dual Motor (MAX)
Max Speed 115 km/h on private terrain
Range 200 km
Battery 84V 45 Ah – LG 21700
Charging time 30h
Fast charge 9h
Weight 50.5 Kg
Max Load 150 Kg
Suspensions Rubber suspensions (5 kinds of cartridges available)
Braking NUTT Discs-Hydraulic (160mm) + Magnetic
Wheels 12″ RCS TUBELESS – Ultra Wide – NO FLAT TIRE Technology
Dimensions Folded 1210 x 318 x 605 mm
Dimensions Unfolded 1210 x 600 x 1300 mm
Warranty 2 years



  • The laws around the use of scooters on public lands, roads and  areas vary from state to state.
  • We recommend you always check your local council and road traffic laws prior to using a scooter to ensure you are aware of any restrictions that may affect the use of motorised vehicles.
  • Always use appropriate protective riding equipment such as an approved helmet and suitable clothing.
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