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Version Lite Pro
Battery 60V24Ah CN 21700 60V30Ah LG 21700
Range 40 km 70 km
Charging time 10h30 15h
Fast charge 4h15 6h
Weight 30 kg 32 kg
Motor(s) 4000 W Dual Motor
Max Speed 80 km/h
Max Load 120 Kg
Suspensions Front & Rear suspensions (softer configuration)
Braking Front & rear hydraulic brakes (Zoom)
Wheels 10″ x 3.0 ultra wide
Dimensions Folded 111 x 61 x 56 cm
Dimensions Unfolded 111 x 61 x 124 cm
Warranty 2 years


Dualtron Victor. The Perfect High End City Explorer

Everyone knows about the Dualtron 3, our awarded high-end / high-range city oriented electric scooter. We made the Victor as its successor.

Minimotors decided to give a new life to this legend by imagining a new re-masterized, more powerful, better equipped version of the Dualtron 3, the Dualtron Victor.

The Dualtron Victor has everything that made the success of the 3 model but, in addition to that, everything it lacked and made it “unperfect”.

Moreover, the Dualtron Victor is even more powerful with a mesured 4000W of peak motors power, supplied by either a CN 60V24Ah or an LG 21700 60V30Ah battery !

Profile of riders for the Victor : riders in search of a high-quality / high performance / high range electric scooter primarily designed for the city.

Dualtron Victor, Performance

The Dualtron Victor is, to date, one of our most powerful city oriented electric scooters and one of the best ratio performance/quality/price currently on the market (2021-2022).

The Victor is equipped with two motors on the front and the rear capable of delivering 2000W of max output power each, for a total of 4000W. Enough to climb any stiff hill you may encoutner.

The two highly performant motors of the Victor are powered by either a CN 60V24Ah (LITE) or an LG21700 60V30Ah (PRO) battery.  The PRO battery is composed of LG 21700 cells, amongst the best and highest quality cells on the market.

With normal driving conditions (medium speed, 65 kg user, warm temperatures), we expect the Dualtron Victor to be able to achieve a range of 40 km in its LITE version and 70 km in its PRO version.

The lifespan of the the LG 21700 cells is evaluated to up to four years. Please make sure to keep your scooter in a dry environnement to avoid air humidity negative influence on the battery.

Dualtron Victor. Security

  • Hydraulic disc brake system on the front and the rear (ZOOM).
  • 160 mm braking disks.
  • The physical braking system is paired with our patented highly performant magnetic/electric braking.
  • ABS.
  • Ultra wide 10 inches x 3 tires (CST) with inner tubes for a better adherence.
  • ECO/TURBO and SINGLE/DUAL multiswitch in order to give the rider maximum flexibility in the choice of the driving mode.
  • Stop lights.
  • Folding double lock for better stability of the handle bar steering tube.
  • 2 front led lights for adequate visibility of the rider during night rides.

Dualtron Victor, Characteristics

The Victor has many exciting features designed to make the rider’s experience as smooth as possible.

A high range electric scooter like the Dualtron Victor needs adequate charging capacities. We equipped the beast with two charging ports capable of plugging to two parallel fast chargers.

Moreover, it is possible to plug an external battery to the scooter for even higher ranges (the third “isolated” port with 4 pins).

The Dualtron Victor is entirely foldable, including the handlebar for easier storage of the scooter. This model easily fits in most cars trunks once folded.

A powerful foldable e-scooter needs a robust and stable frame, thus we equipped the folding system of the Victor with a double clamp for better stability and maximum durability.


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