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InMotion V11



The First Ever Electric Unicycle with Built-In Adjustable Air Suspension

Built for professional riders, V11 has the world's first built-in air-spring pedal suspension design, with up to 3.3" of vertical travel to absorb any bumps or dips. In addition, the V11 is fitted with a 18" by 3" tire, providing you with more stability. Take it on the road - potholes are no problem.Take it off the road - it's the smoothest experience you can have on unpaved ground.

Key Features

• Top Speed: 50 km/h

• Max Potential Range: 120 km

• Motor: 2200W (nominal)

• Battery: 1500Wh

• Wheel Size: 18 x 3 inches

• InMotion App Support

• Fold-Up Handle: No need to carry your ride - roll it next to you like luggage

• Custom-Made Motor: With improved torque

• Dual Charge Ports: Reduce charge time by 2x (also comes with USB charging port)

• Embedded Batteries: Batteries are embedded into the motor for lower centre of gravity and better handling

• Large Pedals: Fitted with grip tape for 20% more friction

• Built-In Stand: First electric unicycle to stand on its own

• Wider 3" Tire: Better Grip, Tackle Any Terrain

• Built-In Air Suspension: 2.75" Suspension Travel


• Range: 120 km max

• Motor Power: 2200W (sustained for long periods, can peak much higher)

• Battery: 84V 1500WH

• Charging Time: 10 hours (charging time halved with a second charger)

• Max Speed: 50 km/h (top speed under ideal conditions)

• Climbing Angle: 35 degrees

• Tire: 18 x 3 in

• Weight: 27.2 kg

• Payload: 120 kg

• IP Rating: IP55 rated

• Leading Cooling System for high-performance heat dissipation (convection, conduction, fan)

• Lights: Front (4800 lux) and rear automobile-level taillight

• Charger Output: DC 84V* 2.5A

• Advanced in-app statistics give you access to data to track your performance and usage habits

• Engineered from the ground up for optimal weight distribution and uncompromising form facto

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