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Jagwire Mountain Sport Semi-Metallic Disc Brake Pads Shimano RST Tektro TRP



Steel Back All-Purpose Semi-Metallic Disc Brake Pads
Mounted on a strong steel backing plate, Jagwire Mountain Sport Semi-Metallic Disc Brake Pads (DCA016) feature a high-performance, semi-metallic compound which blends the low-noise aspect of a resin pad with the durability of a metallic pad to give you a great all-purpose brake pad for most riding conditions. All pads are sold in pairs and include any necessary springs or clips.

Heatshield Technology Prevents Overheating
Jagwire disc brake pads also feature HeatShield technology which resists heat build-up and stays cooler so you can enjoy superb braking control in critical situations that would normally cause pad overheating and fade. Designed to last longer than resin pads, these DCA016 pads are compatible with selected Shimano, RST, Tektro and TRP brake sets for those in search of reliable and consistently durable brake pad performance.

Braking Performance That's Second To None Far better than an upgrade from OEM, Jagwire Mountain Sport Semi-Metallic Disc Brake Pads deliver a fit and functional performance which is second to none. For hot Australian conditions, you'll definitely get more bite and smoother braking with Organic pads, but for extended downhill trails where your brakes run very hot, the Pro Extreme Sintered or Semi-Metallic pads are the better choices.

• Jagwire Mountain Sport Semi-Metallic Disc Brake Pads (DCA016)
• Great all-purpose, all-terrain pad
• Performs well in almost any weather
• Good braking control
• HeatShield technology resists heat build-up
• Semi-Metallic compound pad
• Steel backplate
• Low noise
• Sold as a pair
• Designed to deliver long-lasting stopping power
• Springs or clips included when applicable

Shimano Compatibility
• Shimano Acera M3050
• Shimano Alivio M4050
• Shimano Deore LX T675
• Shimano Deore T615 ::: M525 ::: M515 ::: M515-LA
• Shimano Nexave C601 ::: C501
• Shimano Tourney TX805

Shimano Non-Series Compatibility
• Shimano Non-Series MT500
• Shimano Non-Series M575
• Shimano Non-Series M486 ::: M485 ::: M475 ::: M465
• Shimano Non-Series M447 ::: M446 ::: M445
• Shimano Non-Series M416 ::: M416A ::: M415
• Shimano Non-Series M395 ::: M375
• Shimano Non-Series M365 ::: M355 ::: M315

RST Compatibility
• RST D-Power

Tektro Compatibility
• Tektro Aquila
• Tektro Auriga ::: Auriga E-Comp ::: Auriga Pro
• Tektro Draco ::: Draco 2 ::: Draco WS
• Tektro Gemini
• Tektro HD330
• Tektro Orion

TRP Compatibility
• TRP Hylex
• TRP Parabox 2012
• TRP Spyke
• TRP Spyre ::: Spyre SLC

• Model: DCA016
• Series: Mountain Sport Semi-Metallic
• Brake Type: Disc Brake (Hydro-Brake)
• Brake Part Number: 371
• Compound: Semi-Metallic
• Back Plate: Steel backing plate
• Number of Pads: 2
• Weight: 37g (incl retail packaging)
• Country of Manufacture: Taiwan
SKU: JMSSMDBP Category: Product ID: 15134

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