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Mercane Wide Wheel PRO Single Motor e-Scooter 500W 48V 10Ah


Mercane Wide Wheel PRO Single Motor e-Scooter 500W 48V 10Ah

The 2020 Mercane Wide Wheel Pro is a serious upgrade over the 2019 WideWheel and older 2018 version. The  new 2020 version takes care of previous model concerns due to brake, aluminium alloy, and design upgrades. The new 2020 Pro version sports an LCD display, dual disc brakes, a larger battery pack, and thicker, stronger aluminium alloy parts. If you’ve never ridden one, the ride can best be described as floating on a rocket. The ultra-wide tires take the crispness that you would experience — from riding on a really nimble scooter like the Boosted Rev — and replace it with floating sensation. You’ll notice road irregularities less and tendency for the scooter to self-stabilize but lose the ability to make quick carving moves. The single motor 500W gives more manageable shock to the system than the acceleration of the dual wheel 1000W acceleration. Unlocked speed of 30km/h is still quite quick for most. The WideWheel Pro is best suited for riding on smoother roads due to stiff suspension and solid tires. The thrilling acceleration and ease of riding make it especially apt as a fun weekend cruising scooter. This could also function as a daily commuter scooter. Still, some things to keep in mind are weight, road quality, and lack of nimbleness if riding in mixed traffic.  

  • Max Speed: 30 KM/H
  • Battery: 48V 10 Ah
  • Wheel: 8" X 3.9" Solid
  • Tyre Type: Solid Urethane
  • Brakes: Front and Rear Mechanical Disc
  • Range: 40 KMS
  • Max Payload: 100 KGS
  • Weight: 22 KG
  • Suspension: Front and Rear Springs
  • Lights: LED Front, Rear and Brake
  • Controller: Standard
  • Motor Power: Rear 500W
  • Dimensions: 110x55x110 cms(folded 110x22x41cms)
  • Power Modes: 3 Modes
  • Charge time 6-8hours


  • The laws around the use of scooters on public lands, roads and  areas vary from state to state.
  • We recommend you always check your local council and road traffic laws prior to using a scooter to ensure you are aware of any restrictions that may affect the use of motorised vehicles.
  • Always use appropriate protective riding equipment such as an approved helmet and suitable clothing.
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