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Xiaomi Mi Portable Air Pump DZN4006GL



Mijia Electric Pump Comfortable to wear

Digital Tire Pressure Detection I Charged to Preset
Pressure And Stop I Built-in Lithium Battery &
Compatible With A Variety Of Nozzles


No fear of high pressure, bicyle tires are easy to handle. The high-precision alloy die-casting cylinder can be easily pressurized to 150 psi to meet the aeration force required for road bikes, as well as to inflate common bicycle tires

LHDC Bluetooth high definition tone

Can be charged by a power bank. Do not require an external power supply when working. Small enough carry with your car, it's easy to put in your trunk or backpack. Motorcycle hikes are more freedom

Test Tire Pressure At Any Time To Avoide Emergencies Restore sound details

The temperature difference between the four seasons is large, and it is necessary to regularly check and adjust the tire pressure. Too low or Too high a tire pressure can create a safety hazard. For example, the tire pressure caused by accidental tire running jogging is insufficient, and Emergency inflation can help you get out of trouble.

Precision Inflation Restore sound details

When inflating sports balls, you no longer have to guess about the inflation level. The Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor accurately measures psi as it pumps, because your hard work deserves the best.

Safe and Durable Comfortable to wear

Thoroughly tested to ensure maximum durability and safety: Overpressure function protection test, air pipe tensile strength test, compression test, electrical strength test, air pipe hydrostatic test, high/low temperature charging test, free drop test, movement durability test.

LED lighting

LED lighting incorporated helps you operate at night. If you ever do find yourself with a flat tire, the Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor is there to help out.

Universal Port Comfortable to wear

Micro-USB charging interface, compatible with most smart phone charging lines

Very simple operation

Just preset the kind of vehicle or object to pump (bicycle, car, motorcycle, balls), fine tune the pressure level desired if needed and press the button. The compressor will inflate the tire and stop automatically once that level is reached, No more fear to put too little or too much pressure in the tire.

Small and compact design

Put it in any compartment in your car or take it in your backpack while you go cycling, it is always better to be prepared for any circumstance.

  • Digital tire pressure detection.
  • Stop when the preset pressure is full.
  • Built-in lithium battery.
  • A multi-purpose machine.
  • USB charging, LED lighting
  • Compatible with a variety of nozzles
  • Small and portable
Brand Xiaomi
Storage temperature -10℃-45℃
Charging interface USB
Inflation pressure range: 0.2-10.3bar / 3-150psi
Charging parameter 5V 2A
Battery capacity 2000mAh
Working noise Distance 1m noise is less than 80dB
Operating temperature
Charging 0-45℃
Discharge -10-45℃
Product weight 0.4300 kg
Package weight 0.4800 kg
Product Size
Length 12.40cm
Discharge 7.10 cm
Length 4.53 cm
Air Pump 1
Air Nozzle Adapter 1
Gas Needle 1
Charging Cable 1
Storage Bag 1
Chinese Manual 1
SKU: DZN4006GL Category: Product ID: 12311

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