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ZERO 8X 52V/LG 26Ah Electric Scooter



ZERO 8X 26ah Electric Scooter

Do you love everything about the Zero 10X e-scooter, but find it just a little too big? Do you love the Zero 8 but find it too bare bones? Then the Zero 8X 52V/LG 26Ah is just the scooter for you!

The Zero 8X 52V/LG 26Ah is the convergence of the Zero 8 and the Zero 10X, it combines the power, dual suspension, and dual drive of the 10X with the shorter, more compact size of the 8. The Zero 8X 52V/LG 26Ah electric scooter takes the hybrid  spring and hydraulic suspension system from the 10X, this creates the same floating feel buyers adore on the 10x.

Features of ZERO 8X 26ah Electric Scooter


The Zero 8X 52V/LG 26Ah is immune to punctures thanks to its 8 x 3.5 solid honeycomb tires, requiring no inflation, but with a comfortable shock absorbing ride that you associate with a pneumatic tire. Maximum weight of rider and gear is 120Kg.


Dual LEDs front and rear and under chassis lights ensures the electric soccer will remain visible and confidence inspiring even when riding at night.


Unlike many competitors folding handlebars the Zero 8X electric scooters features a much more rigid handlebar. While still retaining the double quick release folding mechanism featured on the Zero 10x, the Zero 8X 52V/LG 26Ah has eliminated all steering play and upgraded to a double clamp system with a 60cm length to achieve maximum comfort, rigidity and strength.


The ZERO 8X electric scooter is powered by a 52V 18AH (Sinc), 18AH (LG) or 26AH (LG) battery, delivering a range of 65-75KM in single motor eco mode (18AH battery) and 110KM in single motor eco mode (26AH battery.) Weight comes in at 38Kg for the 18AH battery, and 33Kg for the 26AH battery. The Z8X packs easily with a folded dimension of 118 x 33 x 44.5 cm.


Power is delivered by dual 1000W motors with a peak power output of 2300W. These motors provide a top speed of 55KM/H for private land use, and a capped 25KM/H capped top speed for public road use. Providing a 0-24KM/H time of approximately 2.1 seconds. Braking provided by cable actuated front and rear disc brakes. Stopping from 24KM/H in approximately 3.4M.   *Max speed, range, and braking are calculated under factory conditions. Factors such as weight, hills, terrain, power mode, lights and heavy acceleration can affect calculated figures.

Specifications of Zero 8X 26ah Electric Scooter

Battery: 52V – 18Ah (Sinc) |18Ah (LG) | 26Ah (LG)

Wheel: 8 x 3.5 inches

Tyre type: Front & rear solid

Brakes: Front & rear disc brakes

Range: 65-75km (Eco single motor mode) for 18Ah | 110km (Eco single motor mode) for 26Ah

Top Speed: Capped at 25km/h (55km/h for Private Land Use)

Weight: 28Kg for 18ah | 33kg for 26ah

Max. Load: 120 Kg

Suspension: Front and rear spring hydraulic suspension

Lights: Front & rear LEDs

Controller: 2 x 20A

Motor Power: 2x 1000W (dual motor peak power output of 2300W)

Dimension (folded): 118 x 33 x 44.5 cm

Box Dimensions: 122 x 34 x 56.5 cm  



  • The laws around the use of scooters on public lands, roads and  areas vary from state to state.
  • We recommend you always check your local council and road traffic laws prior to using a scooter to ensure you are aware of any restrictions that may affect the use of motorised vehicles.
  • Always use appropriate protective riding equipment such as an approved helmet and suitable clothing.
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