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ZERO 10x Review

Today, I’ve got something very special for you. I’m going to be reviewing what I believe is nothing less than the next step of escooter evolution – the ZERO 10x.

Distributed by Falcon P.E.V., an online retailer that only sells the hottest models, the ZERO 10x offers the best value for the money in the world of electric scooter. For a decent price, you get a rugged vehicle that can drive as fast as 65 Km/h (40 MPH) and take you as far as 100 Km (62 Mi) in one trip. In addition to that, it comes with quality dual suspension, 160mm disk brakes, a fully-fledged dashboard, and other features I will be reviewing in this article.

The amount of features and the quality of those can be compared to that of the Dualtron Spider, a scooter that belongs to a way higher price category. The standards bar us getting higher by the year, what can I say!

The scooter also has some room for improvement and in this review I make sure to let you know of all the downsides I noticed.


Tight steering, wide bar, huge wheels, the ZERO 10x has everything that makes it a pleasure to drive.

Designed as an off-road escooter, the ZERO 10x performs great both off- and on-road. You can painlessly transition from asphalt to dirt to mud, and back to asphalt. Its 3-inch ultra-wide tires add a good share of stability to the ride, even under rain, though I’d suggest to leave the scooter at home when it’s raining.

I’m an experienced driver but I believe a beginner will find this scooter easy to learn too. The wide grip feels natural and the wide deck allows you to keep a better, more relaxed posture. In other models with narrower decks, you have to place your feet one behind the other and have your torso rotated while driving. The ZERO 10x allows you to stand almost normally, which is a feature I appreciate a lot for long rides.


The ZERO 10x is very comfortable to drive, with a couple small details that could be improved.

Big 10 Inch Ultra-Wide wheels, soft suspension and wide handlebar, the ZERO 10x has it all. For the price, I’d say it is the most comfortable electric scooter you can find. No matter where you are going, the 10x will absorb most of the bumps and give you superior maneuverability, and comfort. There are a couple things that could be improved, tough.

As someone who is used to using the Dualtron Thunder, I found the handlebar on the 10x a bit too tall for my taste. It wasn’t anything horrible and I still had a blast driving this scooter, however I’d personally prefer it to be a tad shorter. Having it adjustable would be nice too.

Other than that, the T bar is great. It’s ultra-wide, in fact it’s even a couple inches wider than that of the Dualtron X and Thunder. It’s comfortable and grants superior control over the scooter on higher speeds. It almost feels like a motorcycle or a bike. The handlebar does however feel a little bit too wide when driving on a busy street – sometimes it feels like my scooter is taking more space than it should.


The ZERO 10x comes with a double hydraulic spring suspension. It’s ultra soft, which is one of the reasons why the scooter has such high clearance. If you take a look at any of the videos of people riding the ZERO 10x, you can see how the deck constantly moves between its highest and lowest position.

While great, the suspension is a little bit too soft for my taste. The scooter literally jumps on the smallest bump, which makes the ride a bit uncomfortable. In fact, this is the only thing other ZERO 10x users complain about. Some even go as far as calling it unsafe, though personally I don’t think it’s that bad. It’s just you will have to be more careful on high speeds. I’d suggest you to avoid driving too fast on bumpy roads. As a rule of thumb, the faster you go, the stiffer you want your suspension to be.

On the bright side, soft suspensions means I can easily jump off curbs and even drive down stairs. Soft suspension, together with big wheels absorbs a lion’s share of the shock.

Overall, I’d say the ZERO 10x is a great choice for any type of roads, as long as you don’t go too fast.


I would not call the ZERO 10x a last mile solution, simply because it’s pretty damn heavy, for an escooter. If you have to carry your scooter to a metro bus with you, you will have to lift 34 Kg (75 lb) several times. Besides, because of the extra wide grips, the scooter takes a lot of space even when folded. Last but not least, the stem does not lock in place when collapsed. The scooter does however fit inside a medium-sized car trunk, so that’s a pro.

Now, the scooter can still be considered a commuter if you don’t have to get it in a public transport or carry it up the stairs. Depending on where you work, you will more likely be able to store it under your office desk or in the garage.

Additional Accessories


The ZERO 10x comes with a full set of lights – it has powerful deck-mounted LED lights and bright brake lights. Personally, I am not a fan of deck-mounted lights because they don’t seem to illuminate the road so well during night rides, compared to handlebar-mounted ones. If you plan on riding this scooter at night, I would highly suggest you to order some extra lights beforehand.


The scooter comes with two fancy-looking multifunction OLED displays. The one on the top shows the most data; it’s a colored dashboard that resembles the Dualtron’s Ey3 and looks very neat and stylish. The bottom screen displays battery voltage, which is handy for both security and convenience reasons. The dashboard shows you the following stats:

  • Current speed
  • Travel distance
  • Total mileage
  • Voltage
  • Battery level (percentage)

There, you can also control the following:

  • Switch between ECO and Turbo modes – Single/Dual motors
  • Cruise Control
Theft Protection

Under the dashboard, you can find a lock to turn the scooter on and off. Obviously, a determined thief can in pick the scooter up and carry it away. The 10x is not a car so don’t leave parked it outside the store or office.

This feature can still be useful, though. Say, you have kids or teenagers who are curious to give this scooter a test drive while you are not watching; simply keep the key in your pocket and both your kids and the scooter will be safe.


The Zero 10X has a deck-mounted bell. I would suggest you to give it a use because the scooter is pretty silent and can go very fast.


In two words, the ZERO 10x looks absolutely amazing.

Unlike the Boosted Rev, the 10x looks more informal and I would even say, cooler. The first thing I want to talk about are the colors. Usually, electric scooters come in black and gray. Scooter designers love to go for a minimalist design so they don’t look like toys. Even Inokims that come in different colors usually stick to pastels and avoid contrasting colors.

The ZERO 10x breaks the mold by including both crimson red and charcoal black in its color palette. The few red pieces instantly catch the eye. The contrast is so striking that the scooter would look like a toy if it were not for the imposing-looking suspension, wheels and handlebar.

Simply put, the ZERO 10x looks more like a sports car. It’s colorful and informal, yet it leaves no doubt that it’s a premium vehicle.

Optional Accessories


As a friend said, the ZERO 10x is a beefcake, both by looks and by built quality.

Coming in at 34 Kg (75 lb), the scooter has no plastic parts, except for the covers and cosmetics. Upon close inspection I haven’t found any component that could easily break with use. There is no thin plastic part that could wear off, the joint where the handlebar folds is reinforced with an extra set of rings and it looks pretty sturdy. When unfolded, it remains fixed in place; I have noticed no play whatsoever.

The bottom part of the deck is reinforced with a metal plate to grant the battery better protection. Besides, the high clearance of the scooter means that there is less chance that the battery compartment will touch the ground at any point during the ride.

If we take a close look at the ends of the deck, we can see how thick the metal plates are that protect it.


The ZERO 10x features one of the most powerful engines in this price category (Double hub brushless motors rated 1000W each). The amount of power those motors deliver is impressive. You can get from zero to top speed in a matter of seconds, which might be a bit too overwhelming for a beginner. This is why, the scooter features two speed modes:

  • ECO Mode – it only engages one motor. This results in slower acceleration, less torque, less top speed and about 40% longer battery life.
  • Turbo Mode – it engages both motors. In Turbo mode, the scooter can reach a top speed of 65 Kmh (40 MPH), and has a gradeability of >=45°.


The ZERO 10x comes in three configurations:

  • 52V 18Ah LG Battery, $1470, Range: 75km (47 Mi)
  • 52V 23Ah LG Battery, $1668, Range: 100km (62 Mi)
  • 60V 21Ah LG Battery, $2100, Range: 100km (62 Mi) NEW

Do keep in mind though that those numbers can only be achieved if you use the ECO mode, drive on a flat surface and there is no significant wind.

My recommendation is to go for the 24 Ah battery for extended range.

Charge Time

The Zero 10x comes with two charging ports. With one charger, it takes up to 11 hours to get the battery from zero to full. With two chargers, it decreases to 5,5 hours. Usually, additional chargers are quite expensive and are not worth it, unless really needed.

In the case of the ZERO 10x though, the additional charger costs only 30 dollars and can be ordered together with the scooter. For me, this is a no-brainer. Being able to half charge time for only 30 dollars is insane and I simply couldn’t decline that offer.

Usually, I don’t ride long enough to deplete the battery and the night is enough to charge it back to 100%. However, I still got the charger simply because having a spare one is always a great idea.

ZERO 10X vs. Boosted REV vs. Dualtron Spider
  ZERO 10X Boosted REV Dualtron Spider
Max. Speed 65 Kmh (40 MPH) 39 km/h (24 mph) 65 Kmh (40 MPH)
Range 100 Km (62 Mi)* 35 km (22 Mi) 70 Km (43 Mi)
Weight 34 Kg (75 lb) 20.9 kg (46 lbs) 20 Kg (44 lb)
Carrying Capacity 120 Kg (264 lb) 113 Kg (250 lbs) 120 Kg (264 lb)
Motor power 2000 W 1500 W 3600W
Tires 10 Inch Ultra-Wide 4-layer 9 In Ultra-Wide, Pneumatic 10 in On-Road Tires
Suspension Front and rear Adjustable hydraulic spring No Front and Rear Rubber Suspension
Brakes Double disk brakes + regenerative brake Regenerative electric, mechanical disc, rear fender stomp Front and Rear Disk Brake with ABS + Regenerative Braking
Display Yes Yes Yes
Gradeability 45% (25°) ~25% 45% (25°)

(*) High-end 52V 24Ah LG Battery model

ZERO 10x Specs

  • Max Speed: 65 Kmh (40 MPH)
  • Max Distance: 100 Km (62 Mi)
  • Battery: Li-Po, 52 V; 23 Ah, Brand: LG
  • Motor Wattage: 2000 W in total (Dual motors, 1000W x 2)
  • Max Load: 120 Kg (264 lb)
  • Gradeability: >=45°
  • Tires: 10 Inch Ultra-Wide 4-layer
  • Suspension: Front and rear Adjustable hydraulic spring
  • Brakes: Double 160mm disk brakes + regenerative brake
  • Lights: LED headlight + Brake lights
  • Dashboard: Full info dashboard display
  • Charge time: 11 – 5,5 hs (dual chargers)
  • Weight: 34 Kg (75 lb)
  • Unfolded Size: 1250 × 680 × 1280 mm (49x27x50 In)
  • Folded Size: 1250 × 680 × 520 mm (49x27x20 In)
  • Material: 6082-T6 Aviation-Grade Aluminum Alloy forging anodic oxidation

Where to get it

In Conclusion

I don’t know what to say. Compared to similar models, the ZERO 10x is better in virtually every aspect. You receive excellent performance, features and quality for the price you pay.

We are clearly talking about a new people’s favorite scooter here. The ZERO 10x is setting new, higher standards for electric scooters and other brands will have to work harder to keep up with them.

Now, even though this model is great and everyone seems excited about it (me included), it’s a good idea to keep in mind its limitations. By ‘limitations’ I mostly mean the weight of the scooter. The ZERO 10x is not the kind of scooters that suits everyone. People who live in buildings without elevators, as well as people who have to take the metro/uber/bus to their work will certainly opt for a different, lighter model.

Hint: if you’re looking for a commuter that is both powerful and lightweight, check the E-Twow Booster V.

Anyway, I’d like to know your thoughts in the comments section below. If you found this article useful, please consider sharing it on your social media. Thank you for reading!

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