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Dualtron Eagle PRO Review

Minimotors, a well-known Korean company announced the release of their newest addition to their family of Dualtrons – the Dualtron Eagle. The scooter is often considered to be an improved version of the Spider and should be available for shipping January 2020.

Let me give you a detailed review of this new Dualtron Eagle PRO to hopefully help you decide whether it’s your cup of tea. You will see me comparing it to the Spider quite often simply because both scooters belong to the same price category and have lots of similarities in their design, though by the end of this article you learn about a key difference between the two. That key difference will hopefully answer the question “Spider or Eagle?” and will help you to pick the winner according to your personal needs.

Dualtron Eagle Pro Unboxing


The handling is great; Big, heavy and extremely maneuverable, the Dualtron Eagle PRO is a treat to ride. The Eagle feels like your classic Dualtron; it comes with inflatable tires that give it that extra layer of cushion; the suspension is rubber so it’s very firm and doesn’t bounce as much as some spring ones do.

If you never had the pleasure of driving a Dualtron before, you can request a test drive of any somewhat modern model in your local electric scooter store and you will have a clear idea on what to expect from the Eagle.

The main difference between the Spider and the Eagle is torque. Thanks to its beefier motor and better battery, the Eagle behaves way better when going uphill or against wind. You can feel you are in control of the scooter and you control the speed no matter the situation.


The Eagle comes with the classic double 140mm mechanical disk brakes that can be swapped by hydraulic ones at will.

Disk brakes offer great control over the scooter. You can control how much braking power to apply. When both levers are fully engaged, the scooter will stop in a matter of seconds.


Just like the Spider, the tires the Eagle comes with can be considered all-road. They are pretty wide (65mm/2.5 inches) and will serve you well on any rideable surface.


The Dualtron Eagle PRO has everything to offer you a comfortable ride.

Just like the Spider, the Dualtron Eagle PRO comes with 10 inch, 65mm wide tubed tires. While susceptible to flats, those tires offer supreme ride comfort compared to other tire types.

Unlike the Spider, the Dualtron Eagle PRO comes with the same wheel design as the Dualtron II, which means it’s extremely easy to replace a tire in case you get a flat.


The Dualtron Eagle PRO comes with the same suspension system as the Dualtron Thunder. I am talking about a 15-step adjustable rubber suspension. This kind of suspension offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to riding styles.

You can fine tune it the way you want it – if you spend most of the time jumping on bumps, you might want to get the softest one, however if you use the scooter mostly to vroom down long distances at high speeds, you might want to stick to the hardest suspension configurations.

The harder the suspension is, the more stable the scooter feels, which is something you might want to have when driving at 75km/h (46 mph).

You can chose your suspension type when ordering from the official Minimotors page and you can also buy the suspension cartridges separately and swap them on your own when needed.


If you’re looking for a portable scooter, the Dualtron Eagle PRO might not be your best pick.

Coming at 29 Kg (63 lbs), this scooter is among the heaviest ones. To put things into perspective, the Dualtron Spider is only 20 Kg (44 lbs). In fact, when it comes to weight, the Eagle stands closer to the Dualtron Ultra (37 Kg (81 lb)) than to the Spider.

That being said, the scooter can still be folded and carried upstairs, and stored in the trunk of a car. Unlike the Spider, it even features foldable handlebars. If you are looking for a last mile solution, the Eagle might not be the best option, however it’s still reasonably small to be used as a commuter.

Additional Accessories

The scooter comes fully-equipped and ready to use.


The Dualtron Eagle PRO comes with a full set of LED headlights, taillights and brake lights. They are bright enough to offer you a safe ride at night and there is always the option to install even more lights, if needed.

That being said, it’s always a good idea to wear a reflective jacket and helmet when driving at night.


The Eagle comes with the classic Ey3 dashboard, found on all the latest Dualtrons models. The dashboard is very well designed. On the main screen, it shows you current speed, battery level and mileage. The lateral buttons on the right side of the screen allow you to check advanced metrics, as well as change speed modes (Eco, Normal and Sports), toggle Cruise mode on/off and chose your start method (throttle or kick start).

You can also change some cosmetic elements, such as speed unit change (KM/h <> Mph), as well as screen brightness. The throttle lever is attached to the dashboard.


The Eagle stays truthful to the iconic design style of the Dualtron family. The colors, shape and curves all make it very identifiable. You won’t need to explain to anyone that you are riding a Dualtron. Design-wise, the scooter has more similarities with the Dualtron II than with the newer Dualtron Spider.

Part of this is due to the company taking the wheel design of the Dualtron II and re-imagining it for the Eagle. According to Minimotors, they are excited about the idea of bringing back the wheel design that allows the user to change tires easily.

Minimalist, elegant and memorable, the Dualtron Eagle PRO is a scooter you can ride anywhere while feeling confident about the impression you are giving.


The scooter is made from high-quality materials and is built to last.

The frame of the Dualtron Eagle PRO is made of 6082-T6 Aluminium Alloy and the shaft is made of SCM440 steel. The body feels sturdy and solid, there is no unintended play in any of the mobile pieces. The deck is well-protected and can handle quite a lot of abuse.

Thanks to the modular design, the suspension and wheels are easy to replace in case they get damaged or deteriorated. The scooter comes with a 2 year warranty for everything but the battery. The latter comes with a year of warranty, which is reasonable seeing how batteries can be easily deteriorated if not used properly.


Just like the Spider, the Eagle comes with two hub motors, one on each wheel. The combined power of both Eagle’s motors is 3,600W, which is 600 W more than the Spider. When driving on a flat, straight road with no wind you can get your Eagle to run as fast as 75km/h (46 mph).

That makes the Eagle one of the top 20 fastest kick escooters on the market. To put this into perspective, the Dualtron Thunder, Ultra and the Kaabo Wolf Warrior II all have a top speed of 80 Kmh (49 MPH) with only the Zero 11X and the Dualtron X beating them with a whooping 100 Km/h (62 MPH). The newest Zero 10X can only go as fast as 65 Kmh (40 MPH), which also happens to be the top speed of the Dualtron Spider.

The extra motor power is very welcome seeing how the Eagle is 9 kg (19 lbs) heavier than the Spider.

Note: For legal reasons, the scooters that are shipped to the US and certain European countries come with a factory speed limit of 25 Km/h (15.5 MPH). In the States, it’s allowed to remove those limitations as long as you only drive on private roads. Make sure you check your local regulations regarding electric kick scooters and wear the appropriate protective gear.


The Eagle comes with a huge 60V 22Ah battery. It’s bigger, heavier and provides more range than that of the Dualtron Spider. When riding under perfect conditions, the scooter can go as far as 80 Km (49 Mi). That’s 20km (12 Mi) longer than the Spider.

In the real world though, those numbers are a tad lower. Also, since the Eagle is about 50% heavier than the Spider, its battery drains even faster when going uphill. I haven’t had the chance to ride long enough to completely deplete the battery on my Eagle just yet, however, knowing Minimotors, I can speculate that the 80 Km (49 Mi) mark is pretty close to reality. Make it 70 Km (43 Mi) and you will have a very accurate estimate.

Charge Time

If you managed to drain the battery completely, it might take you up to 10 hours to get it back to 100%. The scooter comes with a pretty small 2A charger. Just like with other Dualtron scooters though, you can get a better charger and bring the time down to 3 hours with a 6,5A charger or even lower to 2 hours with an 8A charger.

Dualtron Eagle PRO vs. Dualtron Spider V vs. ZERO 10X

  Dualtron Eagle PRO Dualtron Spider  ZERO 10X
Max. Speed 75 Km/h (46 mph) 65 Kmh (40 MPH) 65 Kmh (40 MPH)
Range 80 Km (49 Mi) 60 Km (37 Mi) 100 Km (62 Mi)
Weight 29 Kg (63 lb) 20 Kg (44 lb) 34 Kg (75 lb)
Carrying Capacity 120 Kg (265 lb) 100 Kg (220 lb) 120 Kg (264 lb)
Motor power 3,600W 3,000W 2000 W
Tires 10×2.5 Tubed Tires 6,5 cm Wide 10 in On-Road Tires 10 Inch Ultra-Wide 4-layer
Suspension 15-step adjustable, rubber 15-step adjustable, rubber Front and rear Adjustable hydraulic spring
Brakes Dual 140mm Hydraulic Brakes Front and Rear Disk Brake with ABS + Regenerative Braking Double disk brakes + regenerative brake
Display Ey3 Dashboard Ey3 Dashboard Full info dashboard display

(*) Depends on country and seller. Estimated shipping date: Mid-January 2020

As some of you already noticed, there is a pretty noticeable weight difference between the Dualtron Eagle PRO and the Spider. This is what I believe the key difference between the two scooters. This alone might define which one of the two scooters to get.

From my experience, I would say that the Eagle is better if you need to use it to ride from home to office or shopping and don’t have to take public transport. The Spider, on the other hand, is way more portable, a quality that makes up for its lower range and top speed.

Dualtron Eagle PRO Specs

  • Max Speed: 75km/h (46 mph)
  • Max Distance: 80 Km (49 Mi)
  • Battery: 60V-22.4Ah /LG Li-Ion battery pack
  • Motor Wattage: 1,800 W per motor; 3,600 W combined
  • Gradeability: 45%
  • Max Load: 120 Kg (265 lb)
  • Tires: 10×2.5 Tubed Tires 6,5 cm Wide
  • Suspension: Front and Rear Rubber Suspension 15-step adjustable
  • Brakes: Dual 140mm Hydraulic Brakes + Regenerative brakes
  • Lights: LED headlights, taillights and brake lights
  • Dashboard: Ey3 Dashboard
  • Charge time: Up to 9 hours (2A Charger), up to 3 hours (6,5A Charger), up to 2 hours (8A Charger)
  • Weight: 29 Kg (63 lb)
  • Ground Clearance: 10cm (5 In)
  • Material: 6082-T6 Aviation-Grade Aluminum Alloy forging anodic oxidation

Where to get it

In Conclusion

The Dualtron Eagle PRO looks like yet another step forward in the evolution of the Dualtron family. It includes some of the features we like the most from previous models and it combines them all with a higher cost efficiency. It’s cheaper, yet also better in many ways than any of the previous models.

The scooter is available for preorder and the first batch should be shipped January 2020.

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