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Why Now’s The Time To Jump On The Aussie E-Bike Revolution

As the days stretch into never-ending sunshine, there’s a buzz in the air making it the perfect time for endless sun-soaked adventures and breeze-kissed travels. Many Aussies are swapping the steering wheels for two wheels with e-bikes gaining huge popularity in recent times. This sustainable transport option is not only great for the environment but also for your wallet. Have some questions about the nitty gritty of e-bike life? We teamed up with the crew at PedL—an innovative dynamic Aussie-owned company ready to provide convinient, sustainable and affortable transport options—to help answer all those curiosities before you jump into your next big purchase.

After deep diving into the needs of riders and glimpsing into the future of electric cycling, PedL proudly created the Mamba—a sleek e-bike design oozing style and functionality simultaneously. An ideal option for urban and nature lovers alike, the bike comes in eight distinct versions to suit your individual needs and is priced between $1700 and $2500—much cheaper than a car. Backed by extensive research and made with durable products that’ll go the distance with you, this is your sign to try a new mode of transport this summer and make the most of those long balmy days.

But before you take the plunge, here are five things you need to know before buying your first e-bike.

Consider Your Needs

Before taking the plunge into the e-bike world, consider how you’ll roll. Will you be conquering hills or just cruising down to the shops for dinner supplies? If you’re planning on longer journeys to work or play, aim for a  more robust wattage for more in the battery department. Simply zipping from point A to B? A slightly lower wattage will keep you on the go without overcharging your needs. PedL's number one selling sleek Mamba Venom has been the top selling Aussie e-bike for the past two years, perfect for light offroad week and commuter riding. With such enormous popularity, they've now also launched the high-powered Mamba Venom Antidote—a sharp 500w design that'll power you to wherever you need to be.


Choose Sustainability

Minimal environmental impact, no tailpipe emissions and lower carbon footprint—there are endless reasons to opt for this fuss-free mode of transportation. And saving the planet has to be up there at numero uno. Plus, e-bikes are incredibly energy efficient and are said to also require far fewer raw materials in production compared to automobiles meaning higher resource conservation.

Get Excited About The New Infrastructure

With the boom in nationwide sales over the past decade, the Aussie government is recognising the need for updated infrastructure to support this eco-friendly mode of transport. Several government support grants and programs for urban planning initiatives are in the works to design more bike lanes and dedicated e-bike routes so you'll soon feel like royalty as you cruise unencumbered in your dedicated cycleway while getting to experience your city from a completely unique perspective. Sign us up. With a top speed of 45km per hour, the Mamba Savannah Step-Through is an ideal option who've got no time to spare making the most of these new lanes.

Prioritise Safety 

While Aussies don’t require a license for hitting the open road on an e-bike, helmets are required by law to keep you safe on your travels. As you’re hitting the open road, it’s imperative to choose two wheels that have top-notch safety features to keep your rides smooth. PedL e-bikes all undergo rigorous maintenance checks in inspections to ensure you’re in safe cycling conditions. Wanting a little more tred to keep you connected with the road? The Mamba Gallivanter Fat Tyre E-Bike offers up hydraulic brakes to help you ensure a comfy protected ride everytime. 

Know The Company You’re Buying From

With the e-bike phenomenon expanding, PedL is committed to fostering a sense of connection and community with its riders. Need a helping hand in a hurry? Its lightning-fast responses and online assistance are there to sort you out ASAP. Keen for some feedback on that new model you’ve had your eye on? The plethora of reliable online reviews from fellow bikers have you covered.

With eight designs on offer, the Mamba range is an ideal gateway into the world of e-biking and an unbeatable gift for adventure-seeking friends or family who love to see the world on two wheels. For more information and to find an e-bike to suit you, head to PedL.

Editor’s note: This article is sponsored by PedL and proudly endorsed by Urban List. Thank you for supporting the sponsors who make Urban List possible. Click here for more information on our editorial policy.

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