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ZERO 11x Review

The Zero 11x is the newest addition by a Singaporian company called Zero. Meant to be the proud successor of the well-received Zero 10x, the 11x is one of those extremely massive and powerful vehicles that can barely be called electric scooter.

Coming in 53 kgs (117 lb) with 3200W motors and a top speed of over 100 km/h, the Zero 11x is a direct competency to the Dualtron X and the Dualtron Thunder.

Let’s give it a test drive and explore all the numerous features it has to offer:


The Zero 11x is fast, heavy and yet, very agile.

It doesn’t take a lot of practice to get used to driving the Zero 11x. I was surprised that such a heavy scooter feel so responsive on the road. I attribute part of it to the size of the scooter – the Zero 11x is bigger than any of the Dualtrons. The additional length of the deck as well as the width of the grip bar allow you to stand comfortably on the scooter and use your body more efficiently to turn and to keep balance.


The 11X does however have some similarities with the Dualtron Thunder. Both scooters have pretty much the same set of dual hydraulic brakes with 160mm discs.


The scooter comes with all-road tires. Those provide a pretty good performance and grip on any surface in any weather. I would however replace them with on-road ones if you want to use the scooter for driving on asphalt. You can drive with all-road tires comfortably on lower speeds, however when you get past the 40 km/h mark, you will start to feel the need to switch tires.

I wish we could chose what kind of tires we want the scooter to be shipped with but I guess you can’t have it all.


The Zero 11x feels very good to ride.

Not only the scooter comes with good suspension, it also features big 11 inch inflatable tires.


The Zero 11x comes with one of the beefiest suspensions you can find on an electric scooter. It features double springs, one on each wheel. The suspension is on the medium-hard side, which makes sense since the scooter can run pretty fast and you don’t want to have a soft suspension when driving at 40mph+.

If I had to compare it to a different model, I would say it is very similar to that of the 10x. They pretty much share the same design. The suspension on the 11x is harder though, mostly because the scooter itself is heavier and more powerful.

The somewhat hard suspension goes well with the big inflatable tires. Together, they absorb most of the bumps you encounter and provide a very comfortable ride.


The Zero 11X is one massive scooter.

Even compared to the Dualtron Thunder, the Zero 11x looks like a giant. It is bigger, longer and wider than any of the scooters we reviewed here. It is also very heavy – Coming at 53 kgs (117 lb), it is one of the heaviest scooters I had the chance to try so far, second only to the Dualtron X (which should be called an emoped rather than an escooter).

The scooter does come with a foldable stem. The folding mechanism isn’t as straightforward as on smaller models since it’s a quadruple latching mechanism with screws to further reinforce the grip, however it’s still simple enough to require no additional tools. This allows you to transport the scooter in the trunk of a car.

That being said, make sure to check the dimensions in the last section of this review to see whether it will fit in your car.

zero 11x in car back seat

Additional Accessories

The scooter comes with only the essentials. If you’re after a racing model with more bells and whistles, the Weped RR might suit your needs better.


The Zero 11X comes with a full set of LED headlights, taillights and brake lights. The two headlights are attached to the bottom of the stem, very close to the wheel. Some people don’t like this setup, though personally I don’t mind it as long as the LEDs are powerful enough.

The scooter also comes with a rail right above the wheel. You can install quite a few additional lights on it if you need it, both for functionality and for looks.


The dashboard is pretty simple and it offers no fancy features, only the basic stuff. It shows battery life, current speed and mileage. It’s good and functional.

Theft Protection

The scooter comes with a keylock that disables the motor and locks the wheels in place. Usually, I cringe when I see keylocks on kickscooters simply because a thief can easily carry the scooter away no matter whether it is locked or not.

The Zero 11X however is a bit different. It’s a massive and heavy vehicle so it’s not something one can easily carry away, especially if the wheels are locked. The 11X is still obviously smaller than your conventional gas scooter so it’s a good idea to keep it somewhere safe.


The Zero 11X looks both gorgeous and imposing.

Compared to pretty much any other electric scooter out there, the Zero 11x is a giant. Its massive frame with a double stem and huge wheels makes it look like a tank.

Forget about the thin design of the Rion or the flashy crazy LED fest of the Weped RR – the Zero 11x looks tanky, minimalist and professional. It’s not a vehicle you would use to fool around.

However, the Zero 11x does look fancier than the Dualtron X. The X is pretty much a box, whereas the Zero 11x does have decorations and style. It’s definitely not an ugly scooter. The frame has some nice details and the plastic parts are stylized to fit the modern style of the scooter. If I had to describe it, I would say the Zero 11x is minimalism done right.


The scooter is made from high-quality materials and is built to last.

The frame of the 11x is made of Aviation-Grade Aluminum Alloy. The walls of the deck are thick and reinforced with two metallic rails that run along the sides. The deck seems to be very sturdy. I believe it will keep the battery safe no matter what sort of abuse it undergoes.

If we take a look at the suspension, we can see that both the springs and the arms are very thick. The contrast is even more striking if we compare them to those of the Zero 10x.

My only concern is that the cables run along the stem rather than inside it. On the bright side, it seems well-protected inside a thick plastic tube that is firmly attached to the stem. I usually prefer when cables are as hidden as possible, however I guess the design of the 11x does not allow to do that.


The Zero 11x is a beast, it even beats.

With two 1600W hub motors that can output a total of 5600W peak power and a 72V 32Ah battery, the Zero 11x can go as fast as 100 Km/h (62 MPH). Beginners might find so much power a bit overwhelming, which is why there are several speed modes you can chose from (by engaging either one or two of the engines at a time).

Now, even though the 11x has more motor and battery power than the Thunder, it is also 10kg (22lbs) heavier. While the 11x has higher top speed than the Thunder, it has slightly less gradeability. The increase in motor power is not enough to compensate for the added weight when going uphill.

Overall though, the 11x is still a beastly scooter that offers insane torque, acceleration and top speed.



The Zero 11X has an advertised range of 150 Km (93 Mi). Personally, I haven’t tested its limits, however I do believe that the scooter can indeed get somewhere close to those numbers seeing how huge and powerful its battery is.

Even if the advertised range is way too optimistic, I still expect a range at least similar to that of the Dualtron Thunder.

Charge Time

If you managed to drain the battery completely, it might take you up to 20 hours to get it back to 100%. The scooter comes with two charging ports that can be used simultaneously to cut charging time in half.

Zero 11X vs. Dualtron Thunder V vs. ZERO 10X
  Zero 11X Dualtron Thunder  ZERO 10X
Max. Speed 100 Km/h (62 MPH) 85 Kmh (49 MPH) 65 Kmh (40 MPH)
Range 150 Km (93 Mi) 120 Km (74 Mi) 100 Km (62 Mi)
Weight 53 kgs (117 lb) 43 Kg (95 lb) 34 Kg (75 lb)
Carrying Capacity 120 Kg (265 lb) 120 Kg (264 lb) 120 Kg (264 lb)
Motor power 5,600W 5,400W 2000 W
Tires 11 Inch, Off-road Inflatable 11 in Ultra-wide (90mm or 3.5″) 10 Inch Ultra-Wide 4-layer
Suspension Double Spring Suspension 15-step adjustable, rubber Front and rear Adjustable hydraulic spring
Brakes Dual 160mm Hydraulic Brakes Dual 160mm Hydraulic Brakes Double disk brakes + regenerative brake
Display Yes Ey3 Dashboard Full info dashboard display
ZERO 11x vs ZERO 10x vs ZERO 8x

As we could see, the Zero 11X is beefier and more powerful than the Dualtron Thunder. Even though the 11X offers more motor power and overall better stats than the Thunder, weight might be the deciding factor here. I guess certain people would prefer a lighter scooter so it’s easier to lift when needed.

Suspension is yet another factor to keep in mind. It’s hard to explain the difference between rubber and springs. If you haven’t already, I would highly suggest you to try both scooters first to find out which one feels the more comfortable to you. Some prefer the rubber suspensions, others say springs are better. It all boils down to personal preference.

The Dualtron Thunder is also a better choice for off-road driving for two reasons. First of all, the adjustable suspension allows you to switch between a harder one for asphalt and a softer one for dirt and grass. Secondly, the Zero 11X is heavier; the extra weight makes it less responsive on bumpy terrain.

From this comparison chart, we can also see that the Zero 10X and 11X belong to completely different categories. They have different weight, price, speed and so on.

Despite its name, the 11X is not an upgraded version of the 10X. The 11X and the 10X belong to two completely different scooter lines and they target different audiences. I wish Zero would name their scooters differently to avoid confusion.

Zero 11X Specs

Max Speed: 100 Km/h (62 MPH)

Max Distance: 150 Km (93 Mi)

Battery: Lithium-Ion Samsung / LG, 72V, 36 Ah and 72v/32Ah

Motor Wattage: 1600 W x2 Regular wattage, 5600W Peak

Gradeability: 35%

Max Load: 120 Kg (265 lb)

Tires: 11 Inch, Off-road Inflatable, 3,1 Bar

Suspension: Double Spring Suspension

Brakes: Dual 160mm Hydraulic Brakes

Lights: LED headlights, taillights and brake lights

Dashboard: Fully-functional LED dashboard

Charge time: 15-20 hours (with a single charger, comes with two charging ports)

Weight: 53 kgs (117 lb)

Unfolded Size: 1420 × 1325 × 720 mm (56x52x28 inches)

Folded Size: 1420 × 600 × 720 mm (56x24x28 inches)

Material: 6082-T6 Aviation-Grade Aluminum Alloy forging anodic oxidation

Where to get it

In Conclusion

The Zero 11X is a very solid alternative to the Dualtron Thunder. It is heavier and more powerful, and it features a different type of suspension, which is great news for those of you who are not a fan of the rubber one the Thunder comes with.

Compared to other racing scooters, the Zero 11X is also bigger. It might be not the best option for off-road racing, however it excels at everything else.

Anyway, those are my thoughts on this new scooter. I’m excited about this new model and I can’t wait to see how others will like it. What are your thoughts on Zero 11X?

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