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Abus Ultra 410 U-Bolt 230 x 12mm Bike Lock + SH34 Bracket Green
Abus Ultra 410 U-Bolt 230 x 12mm Bike Lock + SH34 Bracket Green
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Abus Ultra 410 U-Bolt 230 x 12mm Bike Lock + SH34 Bracket Green
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Abus Ultra 410 U-Bolt 230 x 12mm Bike Lock + SH34 Bracket Green

Abus Ultra 410 U-Bolt 230 x 12mm Bike Lock + SH34 Bracket Green

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Abus Ultra 410 U-Bolt Lock Secures Bikes Against Theft

The second most important thing you can do to prevent the theft of your bicycle is to lock it to as strong and as solid an object as you can find with the best lock you can afford. And that's where the ABUS U-BOLT ULTRA 410 BIKE LOCK comes in to save the day.

12mm Thick Shackle Resists Bolt Cutters

Made in Germany, the ABUS U-BOLT ULTRA 410 U-SHACKLE LOCK offers good protection at medium theft risk for your two-wheeler. The housing, 12mm diameter shackle, and the structural parts of the locking mechanism are made from specially hardened steel to resist bolt cutters and ice spray. Additionally, the high-quality locking cylinder offers a robust level of protection against tampering, e.g. lock picking, thanks to its unique double-locking mechanism.

Includes SH34 Mounting Bracket

Purchase of this ABUS ULTRA MINI 410 U-BOLT BIKE LOCK includes an SH34 frame mounting bracket which means you can ride with the lock securely mounted to your bike's frame when not in use.

Replacement Keys

If you happen to lose or damage your lock keys they can be easily replaced by visiting the Abus website and using your key number to reorder.

What's The Best Deterrent To Thieves?

Oh, and in case you're wondering, the #1 deterrent to vehicle theft is "smart positioning". Parking your bike in a well-lit public place where there are lots of people around preferably in a spot with CCTV camera surveillance should always be first on your list of parking locations. Lastly, cyclists should always document the serial number of their bike frame to prove ownership at a later date if the unimaginable should happen. Save your bike and forestall that bike-less walk home. Invest in an ABUS ULTRA 410 U-BOLT BIKE LOCK today.


• Abus 230 x 12mm hardened steel shackle bike lock (Ultra 410)
• SH 34 bracket (included) mounts lock to bike frame
• Anti-theft protection for your bicycle
• Double-locking cylinder prevents lock picking & tampering
• 12mm thick rounded shackle for cut and torsion resistance
• Soft touch housing cover prevents damage to paintwork
• Recommended for securing medium priced bicycles
• Long shackle makes it easier to lock the bicycle to a fixed object
• SH 34 bracket mounts easily to frames w/24-35mm diameter
• This lock has passed the ice spray test with flying colours
• Keys are replaceable


• Product Name: Abus U-Bolt Ultra Mini 410 U-Lock - 230 x 12mm SH34
• Lock Model: U-Shackle Lock Ultra 410/170HB230
• Mounting Bracket Model: SH34
• Material: Specially hardened steel
• Colour Of Facets: Green
• Colour Of Shackle: Black
• Locking Type: Key (2 keys supplied)
• Abus Security Level: 8
• Shackle Diameter: 12mm (round)
• Shackle Height: 230mm
• Shackle Width Inner: 118 mm
• Lock Weight: 1000g
• Country of Manufacture: Germany

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